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Dilla Instinct

by Noveliss

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I'm surgical on this walk of life, I only take it holding a mic, put you on the operating table open your life, show you the sight, that you've been missing with only two eyes, Noveliss use lines to guide you away from new lies...welcome to Dilla Instinct, case closed, master of the "mask cover your face" flows, they call me Jago, who ready for war the Lyrical pass Halos, Noveliss Master Chief get in line to become an Angel...dissect ya, mic wrecka' the mecca, verse of the year factory raps Kenny Omega, for the record, when the world needed me most, I wasn't here for em,' the Sound Bender, don't play it by ear, I smash ya' ear drum, the feared one, but also we veered, I live through music, live by the sword, chopping it up, more Jin than Mugen, I be the all sleep losing, the light at the end of the tunnel is translucent, the image of my future is blurry I can't do this, loose my mind probably, shades of when...playing ball goes from, being your life to just a hobby, and them jump shots you was taking get replaced with blunt hits in the rotation, they invented the Matrix to keep us grounded at basic, no hope for the stranded, say the sky's the limit, but they got drones on other planets, the candid bandit, stepping out the chamber of rhyme, I'm a teenage Gohan perpetually trapped in his prime... (Hook) Knock em' out the box Nov, knock em' out, knock em' out the box Nov, knock em' out, knock em' out the box Nov, knock em' out, knock em' out the box Nov, just knock em' out
Enter Zaofu, can't stay long, fuck your gun play I'm bending metal like the Beifongs, Suyin, no days off, call the union, stay alive until the planets align and use your mind, and re-emerge on Harmonic Convergence and drop the verbiage, Red Lotus, living un-tethered above the surface, create until the wheels fall off I'm working tireless, still keep a notebook so I don't get lost in the wireless, the abominable, championship belts around the abdominal the prodigal mic check when "styles clash" I get phenomenal my optical, see the design of these obstacles, that's why I run astray to get paid, my philosophical, I'm out ya galaxy regardless of what they telling ya, interstellar drop a smoke bomb you see the Nebula, dropping flash bangs in my path to cloud ya retinas, break in the lab where they cloning these rappers destroy the replicas One time for my writing professors who passed the master, and the pen still mightier than the sword, I slay the dragon, the Pagemaster, keep my notebook hidden from the internet, every poems the Epic of Gilgamesh, my intellect, distinct Killer Instinct, I see you later fool, microphone cyclone keep it spinning like Sabrewulf, navigated the search well to find Earth Realm, I came for Mortal Kombat, premeditated casualties my rhyme pad will, trigger a bomb if I read these lines back, fatalities, when the mics on they call me Bi-Han, elder Sub-Zero no jewelry keep the ice on, and even when my eyes gone, I use my mind like Kenshi to get my slice on, let bygones be bygones crush mics with a Angel Arm straight from Trigun...
Left Alone 03:01
We livin' in this time behind enemy lines, everything else sublime, my mind and every line, relaxing my state of mind with Roy Ayers on the vinyl, "everybody loves the sunshine" now turn the lights low, but can't help but feel like, Malcolm behind the blinds though, they gentrified your city and now you part of the sideshow, constant state of rage but they'll never see us panic, chemtrails got me feeling fatigued but I eat organic, they don't even want us on the planet, our world is damaged, cash rules everything around except my family, understand me, march with the women on behalf of my daughter, land of the free, they'll build us a wall, don't fix the water, the true taste of defeat, they feel like they got they shit back, Trump signs and confederate flags right where you live at, true colors come out through...social media actions, how you love rap but still get disgusted by Pro-Black shit? (Hook) Sometimes I wanna be, left alone but not alone if that makes any sense (x3) Sometimes I wanna be, left alone but not alone... You lack mind power, first it was the TV but, now you get your thoughts and feelings from wikipedia, land of the free, home of the brave, freedom of speech, land of defeat, home of the slaves, if I gotta look up the...street from my crib see confederate flags flapping in the wind, fuck the national anthem again and again, I don't know which ones the right thing, chasing higher education in the place of my dreams, can't even find my degree, the family decree, you following lies kids, student loan vice grips, suit and tie 9 to 5's wondering where your lives went, same place where your eyes went, when following the vision of another business to make another man richer became the scripture, my mother broke the mold when, she raised me to changed the picture but I may have spent, too much time adjusting my focus, wasn't indecisive just got caught up in some life shit, couldn't let my Mama down this was my way to continue writing, it's a riot inside the writer, the Midas lines, it's gold in my hands like 3PO holding his own head, I'm out of my mind...
Fantastic 02:42
I'm in the zone again, about to rearrange Stonehenge with these flows I pen, I see an opening, cuz' you don't protect your neck and a vest won't, stop the assassin that slash, with a notepad I got the Death Note, everything that gliders aint Sharingan my Padawans, Master Qui-Gon with his eyes gone in search of Byakugan, that visual prowess align with that, knowledge of the force, my mind got mileage of course, emcees change course at the, sight of how the blade has been forged, pray to the most high when Battosai be swinging his sword, slice you all out of sorts, my notebook over runneth with lines that fill up the morgue, keep it cordial in the, presence of immortals, came a long way from eating Top Ramen and Top Rhyming to climb from the bottom to get stuck in this box that I'm in, because life is 4 corners no matter how you design it, but I been around the world I'm a write a book to describe it... The doctor, if you lost your faith in Rap I would prescribe this, imposters, Noveliss vs every Novice I'm dropping them out of helicopters flying through Gotham, precipitation indeed, it's raining bullshit rappers cosigned by a magazine, enter the brain, are you not entertained by the slain, the name Maximus, gladiator tactics to smash an antagonist, the flowtagonist, flow tagging anyone, liquid swords forged out of lithium, smash the periodic table after I finish them to test them slice the planet in half at the prime meridian, tilt-a-whirl back breaker snapping a rappers ilium, turn a Colosseum to a mausoleum, a tomb, walk through a museum in a necklace made from the skulls of every rapper I defeated before I gained my freedom, listening to DOOM...
Stay clear of Noveliss on the purge, bottomless notepads you can't fathom my body of work, I'm handling words, I demand I damage a verse, stop him, I demand I butcher these lines with a knife or like I forgot them, the verbal predator, spreading the message letter by letter to level competitors, Crash Nebula, Timmy Turner the veteran, wishing for world peace, they lack benevolence, mostly hoodies and sweats I came to represent, there can only be one, and can't anyone hold me, discussing my travels among second hand smoke from my homies, you couldn't follow my tracks regardless of how you peddling, get burring by the Kazekage for meddling in rebelling against the Elohim, I'm Gaara on Tatooine, using The Force, forging sandstorms and put, every emcee in front of me in a half-leg Boston Crab like Lance Storm you can't fathom my brainstorm, they call me Voldemort I hold the fort, kidnap emcees my notebook smelling like chloroform, you misinformed, I feel like Jason Bourne, this shit is boring when it's, second nature to snap arms on every rap song, I last long in every aspect just blast off, when tunes play I'm Doomsday minus the grey skin, and it's doomsday to your stereo, in any scenario do the, Doomsday Device a little better than Hawk and Animal, blast raps intellectual, Gambit, shuffle the cards I was dealt and throw them at a Sentinel, it's robots on the pedestal it's pointless to point guns at Magneto, they made of metal fool... (Hook) It's pointless to point guns at Magneto they made of metal fool


Fresh off the success of his last EP "Mic Swordz," Noveliss is back with the J Dilla tribute EP titled "Dilla Instinct." A quick-strike 5 song EP over beats created by the late great J DIlla. The project is also themed after one of Noveliss' favorite fighting games of all time, Killer Instinct. Short and Sweet.


released April 13, 2017


all rights reserved



Noveliss Detroit, Michigan

Member of the legendary world renowned Detroit Hip Hop Group; Clear Soul Forces. Noveliss is known for his intellectual wordplay and mixture of nerdy; anime, comic book references and deep societal subject matter. A distinct voice on the mic, the lyricist is known as the Microphone Hokage. Top influences are Eminem, MF DOOM, Black Thought, Redman and NAS. ... more

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