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Kenjutsu Under The Moonlight

by Noveliss

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    Comes wrapped in plastic. The CD is the Moon, each panel is a Manga version of Noveliss and his two late friends. Noveliss' look is inspired by Jin from Samurai Champloo. His friend Kerry's look is inspired by Mugen from Samurai Champloo, and his friend Brandon's look is inspired by Afro Samurai.

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Calligraphy 06:03
I dont want to dance slow in the rain but I fall below the heavens with Blu playing I'm through saying I'm through slaying these beats to make ends meet I'm in deep, see dreams bought the car but dont pay the fees, the monthlys Im checkin' mics word to "3 Thou", you check to check but if I fail to create and make heads knod we neck to neck Nevertheless my poetrys deep I never waiver even at a loss for words I always find them on the paper In search of myself, I get lost out in the nature, too used to putting others before me the new danger Family first, slayin verses I get over focused, I worked too many hours this week, which takes away from me releasing these ideas in my head I get overloaded Weary of moving to certain neighborhoods because of the chosen Potus It's how I find myself, in the rhyme chamber my mind in danger the rise of this blind anger Im lost a cesspool of underachieving and working jobs and I'm tryna' keep the poison out my relationship they cleansing our cities by gentrifying the areas we never made it in they harvesting our pavement concrete plantations and the only way you can hope to make it is work the grave shift and I can't even manifest myself on my friends playlist Cuz' they dont wanna play this I rome through headphones in search of a place to stay niche no shade, never shared a seat on the bus in college on the way home from road games sometimes I think I run from myself it's such a close race... Sometimes I think I run from myself, it's such a close race. How can I find myself when I cant find you? So I drop this rhymin' in honor of your design in my life when we meet again we'll share these vibes, nothings changed we'll rock hoodies and sweats just in the sky This verse is dedicated to my brother, in loving memory of BT, word to mother... if you could see all the people you brung together in this tragedy than you would see your spirit lives on thats immortality (dig it) my heart is broken but the wound was stilll open cuz' I had lost my best friend to a bullet without the closure its too hard to be sober I'm broken beyond repair why they take ya? feel like I, failed you as a friend I couldn't save ya even though we took two different roads it didnt change us, and our sons will maintain the connection that we created shit I never learned to grieve I tried writing but the times changed I hope my girl dont smell this liqour on my breath, I got twisted in the driveway for the first time I twist the Bombay it said "Dry Gin" and I was tryna' dry tears... never much of a drinker them tears used as a chaser I was racing down memory lane intoxicated reminiscent of the hoodies in the winter staying chill when I was broke man you bought me a coat, shit was real it was me, you, Ken and Chris, we was all in falling asleep in the same clothes we played the ball in life was so simple before we found our true callings you were Taylor made for the streets and I went to college remembering "Paid in Full" in 10 years we didn't have matching Benzes because our playes were full but... now your son gonna' know the true legacy of my friend the best shooter in the gym and a father who loved his kid...
You ever dance the kenjutsu under the moonlight? indigo blue eyes, same color as these robes of mine Im running from my past so fast many have tried went from prodigal student to ronin I took his life and thats taboo I killed the one who taught me to wield the sword right but it wasn't my intention my attacker came in the night lights out, I chose my own path, they felt I owed them one sent assasins cuz' I wouldn't slash on behalf of the Shogunate my master was a legend, now I'm paying for my self defense former classmates after my life as an act of vengeance unfortunately, those on my trail will know my motto one stroke, one kill Jin, lightning in a bottle constantly looking over my shoulder during my travels and living by Bushido before I engage in battle a legend in the making, in pursuit of the sunflower steal sharpens steal fuck your gun powder... (Hook) These the tails of a samurai, my poetrys deep as my sword, you hear the battle cry I was born a peasant, living my life in silence and my family got killed by the sword, I saw the violence I was just a kid who was giving a chance to live by the master who took me in thats where the legend begins Kenshin... The wanderer, for 10 years I've been running from my last life a gentle soul, you would never imagine what my past was like a master assassin would slaughter your whole team, now they recognize the legend from the scar on my cheek it's a war going on outside no man is safe from it's a killer inside of me no man should test the blade of settled down, protecting this town, I took an oath never to kill again these villains keep testing my growth The truest, got a reverse blade on my sword so I can't relapse to what I was doing during the revolution a weapon plus a legend with the blade in my hand took those lives as Battosai the slayer of man I might be going back... (Hook) These the tails of a samurai, my poetrys deep as my sword, you hear the battle cry Pappa was a deadman, brung a knife to a gun fight and lost his life for a headband I saw the whole thing, my father was number one, I was just a child when revenge swallowed my life I made a vow so from here on out, I'll live by the sword, never be defeated, bring it to a gun fight and slice the bullets to pieces a true master, but no room for friends on this path, Afro, my name rings bells where ever I pass it's a target on my forehead, everyday it'll never change, the life of being number two will kill you but keep you entertained crush all challengers after a glass of lemonade, reminiscent of life before I got in this game walk the straight and narrow, bloodiest path under the sun, and it wont stop until my target reads number one... x2
All The Time 03:54
Rise to power these rhymes devoured the pen dwells even though i can feel the disbelief from the infidels Im at war with my mind, drop the intel, these negative vibes tryna break through the citadel if the mission fails then it's, back to the wishing well enhale these lines over your head like chemtrails the illest, but still Im still, buried in the trenches, up to my neck in rhymes that wasnt good enough to finish I crumbled them, traded in sleep for wasted nights I be my own worst enemy searching for my serenity bodying entities, converting my stress to energy harness that blast it in the form of these raps a socially awkard assassin with a bomb in his bag in the form of the same notebook that I was, bringing to class riddle me that, a failed college grad stuck in his tracks my mind is a weapon but the world made of bulletproof glass... (Hook) You on point Nov? All the time what? (x7) Now watch me blow this shit up... The infamous, Noveliss' body count enters the infinite, just an assasin on the mic tryna find out where the mission is I'm a duranged pilot looking for passengers fill up the 1984 space shuttle model with "Challengers" you know what happens afterwords, I got a fetish for smashing herbs kick the master verbs and get passed when it's time to pass the erb smash words, ill yes, lyrics blastin average rappers to tabernacles asking for better skill sets when you stepping in this field just, know it's live mines underground exploding from bright minds a sign of the times, the quiet ones on the rise I done seen more of the world through these rhymes than through these eyes I only know how to communicate between these lines so my relationships have trouble surviving beyond the mic the soundtrack to my life, never good at finding loopholes fire bending contenders, produce flows the author, chasing after my honor while I'm still tryna' coincide with my father like Prince Zuko, pay attention to the scene though the game full of clones I'm Obi-Wan on Kamino take a life with the saber device the mic hero the rhyme dominance, when you listen to Noveliss you an accomplice to the mumble rapping apocalypse this, verbal voyage I'm searching for my accomplishments, but I'm coming up short they say it's all about who you know but I get left out the conversation at home... (Hook) You on point Nov? All the time what? (x7) Now watch me blow this shit up...
My padawans will say daddy was a rollin stone always made it home after kickin raps around the globe, thats how it go London was real, no sleep inside of her now hit me on the Skype for fist pounds through the monitor, I love you both, Ill blow a kiss to your sister right beside of ya and later on me and Mom will talk about some private stuff Paris was real as always, we sold it out again would love to see the Eiffel but, I aint got the time to spend and I can't miss another train, I left my Manga on the plane I fell in love with smaller cities but I aint got the time of day cuz' if I did then I'd be looking for a place to stay I'm out here catching feelings but reality wont give me space I been around the world but I aint necessarily seen it cuz,' these pebble stone roads lead to dreams but I dont sleep enough part time stars with day jobs until the sun sets flying back to the states we'll quit our jobs another day I guess... (Hook) - A rolling stone, wherever I lay my hat is my home, I cant stay too long Ill be moving on And it, Seems like, whenever Im enjoying this life I need a little more time I'll be moving on... Rearranging to remain on the move, so I can stay sane they took my best friend in a murder I'll never be the same I need to board a plane so i can get this off my mental while I'm tryna' find the meaning of life in an instrumental I'm a full time father, no breaks, my son and daughter get, every piece of they daddy my path would prove too challenging I'm, battling these doubts in my head watching these rappers make it I, had to take an oath with my mind, these cerebral affidavits keep me from fading away to my 9 to 5, if there's a such thing as being too humble I wont survive, see I went around the world before i was 25 and then came home to doubts in my head and lost my mind it feels like I'm in limbo not between life and death but, be 30 chasing a dream or throw the towel in instead Never sleep on the path, just let my eyes rest, in the blind stretch never digress the mic check I done lost the urge to preserve, too many vultures I could show you how to move in a room where they lack the culture watch where you stepping, snakes in the grass don't lose your focus when they Storm Shadows use your Snake Eyes to point out the Cobra... (Hook) - A rolling stone, wherever i lay my hat is my home, I cant stay too long, Ill be moving on Seems like, whenever Im enjoying this life i need a little more time, ill be movin on...
Under 02:51


This project is a tribute to my all time favorite producer Jun Seba aka Nujabes. It is also dedicated to two of my best friends who are no longer with us and that is who you see in the sky. Brandon "BT" Taylor on one side of the moon, Kerry Schultz on the other. No other project I've ever done has held this much weight and it means a lot to me to represent the life and contribute to the legacy of Nujabes. It means a lot to remember and celebrate the lives of my best friends. Big shoutout to my artist Aaron Hendrick, always able to turn my vision into exactly what I imagine. This ones for my brothers in the sky. "Kenjutsu Under The Moonlight..."


released October 31, 2017


all rights reserved



Noveliss Detroit, Michigan

Member of the legendary world renowned Detroit Hip Hop Group; Clear Soul Forces. Noveliss is known for his intellectual wordplay and mixture of nerdy; anime, comic book references and deep societal subject matter. A distinct voice on the mic, the lyricist is known as the Microphone Hokage. Top influences are Eminem, MF DOOM, Black Thought, Redman and NAS. ... more

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