Mic Swordz

by Noveliss

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Fresh off of the success of "Toonami Tsunamis," Noveliss is back with his new EP "Mic Swordz." Always inspired heavily by Anime, Noveliss sharpens his blade in this 9 track ode to Microphone Swordsmanship. With a special appearance by Add-2, Mic Swordz has arrived.


released May 26, 2016

Features Add-2 and production from Shepard Sounds, Vibe Sounds, Doc Illingsworth, Nolan the Ninja and Ilajide


all rights reserved



Noveliss Detroit, Michigan

Member of the legendary world renowned Detroit Hip Hop Group; Clear Soul Forces. Noveliss is known for his intellectual wordplay and mixture of nerdy; anime, comic book references and deep societal subject matter. A distinct voice on the mic, the lyricist is known as the Microphone Hokage. Top influences are Eminem, MF DOOM, Black Thought, Redman and NAS. ... more


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Track Name: Mic Swordz - produced by Doc Illingsworth
Lugging bags on these trains and plains shit will annoy you, told myself to just buy clothes when I touch down on the foreign soil, never know when the borders might close they out for oil, bang that old Slum dog, Dilla no Danny Boil, toil with fools, screaming "O'doyle rules" the Immaculate, Billy Madison go back to school and play hookie, since I never skipped class, they overlooked me, headphones on fully, honor roll in a hoody, shit I aint even try weed until like my third year in college, then Danny Brown got me high in Atlanta that boy was wildin, fold up my memoirs and put them in my wallet, and collect pennies all for my thoughts, or maybe dollars, "I Am The Bone of My Sword", you don't wanna cross blades, on an off day put emcees in the Crippler Cross Face, without further ado, welcome to Mic Swordz you might die by my mic check while i survive yours, an eye sore to those that can't handle a massacre, the boom bap intergalactic classic as Galaga

Theres no shade of grey to the grass here, I been on tour for a month, seen the world more times in the past year than you will in your whole rap career, but battle fear of being 30 with no way out of that job app atmosphere, floating around in that, no backup plan stratosphere, where fallback options mean you doubted yourself before you got here, Flying across the water, this time tomorrow I'll be back at that dead end for my son and my daughter, tryna' be the man of the house and still dreaming, I'll chase them with them on my back, you know what pressure does to pipes and I aint never dealt with no leakage, in light of my lack of decisiveness, I've decided that I should just, roll this entire pack of zig zags and blow my mind to dust, but I don't smoke, but punching the clock will lead you down a road that you ain't been before, being surrounded by people who settling like taking contested jump shots instead of taking it to the hole, and everything that I've written I hold close to my soul, they broke the mold when they made Noveliss, words are weapons blast thoughts, the Columbine Columnist, sweat pants and hoodies fuck your stylist...
Track Name: Stryker - produced by Shepard Sounds

(No sleep, pulling all nighters, call me McGuyver, dropping bombs in your cypher like Stryker)

You try to call shots and get a dial tone, I'll crush your collarbone with a microphone for rapping monotone, beat you with the sticks to a Xylophone what I write alone will slice your dome, you've compromised your mind from what you like in songs, knock you out your designer clothes, the lightning bolt, Zues to a Trojan Soldier, Thor to a Norse Viking Warrior, bring the message from Wessix right to ya backyard, the...flows Odin to those who inhabit Asguard, traded weapons with Leonardo still Casey Jones with the mask on with these blades I'm more like Jason Voorhees to enemies, about to go on a tear that non-contact knee injury you... about to be a audio amputee, where lyrically, you don't have a leg to stand on and I'm a centepede, the centerpiece to this puzzle of dope I'm like the Genevese, it's a fine line between us, if you enter the genius you'll see that I'm colder than Simon Phoenix for cryogenic reasons, a Brainiac with a cranium full of uranium, collapse a stadium when I brain storm get trapped in a atrium...


With a wave of the hand you'll buy my shit, dont be surprised my rhymes are comprised of jedi mind tricks, the cerebral assassin get telepathic as Jean Gray and Charles Xavier playing madden, I'm at it again the catalyst of ill flows pathogen strategist my delivery 's Anthrax in a envelope, the verbal Ronin a wanted man dawn the Number 2 headband in a game thats full of the Empty Seven Clan and empty seven cans of whoop ass on any man planning to challenge get blown up like The Challenger by the Galic Gun, that's all I'm saying when it gets complicated it's back to basics back to the Hyperbolic for training I mean, Similar to Goku when my vocals in Pro Tools no jewels you couldn't walk in my socks if i had no shoes, Noveliss, humble and focused a little duranged I swallowed a hand grenade my mic check might be an explosion like...


It's Halftime kick the fat rhymes at your favorite rapper until he flat lines, lyrically in great shape 1st place in a decathlon, tell Zordon I need the Mastadon to crush your dad and mom, the Black Ranger holding the axe to blast flavor, in your ear, Craig mack, bring the real back, you jockin my style while I run wild as a Jaguar with a human mask on the animal in disguise, Mortal Kombat in the jungle meet your demise, when actually my animality is a Dragon they call me Shenron when I get on the Mic like a Bulls Jersey you not worthy when I ball in these goggles like James Worthy...

Track Name: Brand New - produced by Shepard Sounds
Yo I learned to be a pyro from Uncle Iroh, The Great Dragon of the Midwest Noveliss wreck the syntax, for this championship, you might catch a suplex, from off the top of a freeway bridge, shake a duplex, Noveliss the crowd pleaser, coming down from the rafters Scorpion death dropping your whole faction, Russian Leg sweeping your favorite rapper with a baseball bat to his Adams Apple how you like them apples, You don't wanna grapple in a world that's run by an Apple, that cell phones a vulture, word to Siri, rise of the machines while I Rage Against The Machine like De La Rocha, in a constant state of rage from what the cops done, I might be "Rolling down Rodeo with a shotgun", it's 2016 and these people act like they ain't seen a brown skin man since they grand parents bought one, I gets bionic mech warrior rhyme, they run from the don, looking like I came from Gurren Lagann..


Live from the cockpit about to drop bombs in your Synopsis I plot twist, bad to the bone you couldn't touch me with a paleontologist when I rock shit Madara Uchiha run through your whole squadron, visual prowess for blind cowards with minds devoured incapable of leading they selves they bred for following, you better watch what you feeding your brain thats how they modeled it, use rap to bust minds down to incompetent, The Matrix boy I got Deja Vu glitches swimming in my speech patterns for rappers who try to say shit, the Virus, you not IT you need some guidance, I swim through life's devices with out compliance, you don't know the science, couldn't touch gold with the midus, cannibal on the mic, I catch the itus, and I might flip when my switch gets flicked, you better be incognito, when I work with the pen Like a CO, Shoutout to the Villian I'm Magneto make your gunplay obsolete though, pull Wolverine's adamantium skeleton through them cheap clothes, the man in the helmet keep my thoughts from the telepath, to keep my mind free on this rhyme spree, trying to get over the hump so these raps aint in vein, that's a IV, my hand and this microphone indivisible like a Siamese, so how you want it, the evil genius, Lex Luger or Lex Luthor, torcher rack or some high tech machine shit...

Track Name: Hashirama - produced by Vibe Sounds
Abuse rhymers borrow Chakra from Kurama to drop "Deity Gates" on importers like Hashirama, Lord first, kick the Susanoo Sword verse in battle I'm tactical as Shikamaru Nara, brains over brawn but will still drop a Rasengan Barrage on those standing behind you, siyonara (check it) Noveliss Sensei they'll never figure my end game crush rappers can't bring them back with Edo Tensai, word play Sage of the Six Paths while your visions gone I'm finding camouflage in the thinnest fog, you couldn't get saved in a Synagogue from the Rinnegan hold the sword like, Sasuke Uchiha to get my incision on, Danzo wouldn't steal from the blind, lead your own kind you're lost, I'm out of sight you couldn't see me with Itachi's Eyes, The one sober with homies off of the most loud, the sky's full of smoke let me welcome you to the Hidden Cloud, Noveliss, 8 Tails demolish shit, Octopops, Jinchuuriki Juggernaut, lightning lariats level your area rapper dons catching Liger Bombs when I write a song, Lord Raikage but cool and calm as the 6th Hokage, Lightning Blade, Chidori stories to strike the page, aint no sunshine when shes gone, The Village In The rain, no stranger to Pain, I'm elevated, the levitation of Planetary Devastation will crush the Matrix, I'm out of patience...
Track Name: Mace Windu Feat. Add-2 - produced by Vibe Sounds
Enter the Jedi Academy of Rap Mastery mastered both sides of The Force and balance it single handedly, smoke clouds and I'm breathing like Darth Vader, In the cypher where I slaughter your people like Tuscan Raiders to Anakin, managing anger, Count Dooku with a Saber slicing the arm of a hater the lightning blaze ya', the brains behind all of this, Palpatine, Sidious under the hood ready as Darth Maul when he stormed Tattooine, black cloaks, Jedi Robes and Mind Tricks divine shit, force pushing these rhymes up out of a star ship, the underground Tie Fighter rhymers my convoy, forging a microphone out of the Super Nova formed from the Death Star being destroyed, the double entendres, ready for battle let's play Contra, the concrete jungle's a bundle of Anacondas, good morning Vietnam the, spineless slither on cement quick to draw guns like it's art class put your arms up, just being honest there's a target on your progress, Han Flow Potent, shouldn't have came to the dojo and you should know this, meditate and focus, ferocious, on each foe go beast mode, Chewbacca with a cross bow on Kashyyyk though, barrel rolling a X wing through an asteroid field with my eyes closed with no pryor knowledge of how to fly those, the Force Sensitive, free me from these cold chains there can only be two, under the tutelage of Darth Bane, "peace is a lie there is only passion, through passion I gain the strength," to crumble your spaceships, the code of the Sith embedded in a Jedi makes no sense...naw


Be mindful of your thoughts, they might betray you, staring out of the Windu(Window), trying to copy what Mace do, may the force be with you, swinging a lightsaber my holster don't hold a pistol, may the force be with you, swinging a lightsaber my holster don't hold a pistol.

(Add 2)

In a galaxy far far away

see 2 suns/sons, set in they ways give them some space

we be the new hope, 2 dope writers

try us, the sight of me grabbing the rope and lynching the pilot, I tie fighters

my joints still tighter than arthritis

you damn right my awakening leave the planet divided

I split it half, Maul em, they falling apart

part them cause part of him dark, Anakin and I been, killing these kids, go to the light…side

they skywalkers, I walk them to heaven

giving them hell, its evident, need medicine

play your position, I red em like vader saber listen

the shit i'm spitting is sicker than Luke and Leia kissing

you missing layups on backboards, I lay up missing,

im back bored, im Maz Kanada got a greater vision

the Amadala’s got a pat me,

cause my pad may, keep they tongues tied like fat lace

playing my ipod when I pod race…

Its Add-2 killer

they be calling me Lando I’m a smooth nigga

but then again, I’m closer to Finn, storming these troopers

was so po’ I was jacking jackets to live

-my flow, is so cold that you should climb inside of a taun taun

atomic bomb rhymes, like Obi you know I been the one

I cross guards like Steph Curry and Kylo Ren

and pull strings like violins,

send em to the pit like Bobba Fett, my violence

raised it like Jango, scratch that i'm more Django, the D’s silent

I give her life like Darth Plagueis while spreading her legs like its plague,

I’m nothing to play with, laying these rhymes

meaner demeanor, levels ahead of the rebel leader

I’m a monster on stage like at the Cantina

Settle the score like John Williams

using the force on fans to force hands up to the damn ceiling

Track Name: Preem Feat. DJ Soko - produced by Shepard Sounds
Hide your wallets I skipped "Pick Pockets Anonymous," One man Voltron and shit running through the metropolis, a Scorpio with a torpedo according to Astrologists, crush mics with mechanical arms like Dr. Octopus, Doctor the tracks up, Lex Luger the Chiropractor, Torcher Racking Vernacular fuck your back up, finna' act up, I'm somewhere vibing you can't find me disguised to the blind, third eye shining when I be rhyming to keep my body in rhythm, I be bodying rhythm, instrumental body bags my CD Packaging, toe tagging snare drums and bass lines, sample assassin shit, mental marksman always on target when I'm imagining, got a ill mind I'm a "Telepathogen," the craziest telekinetic cross hairs run from the blast radius, "Rap Atheist," my whole career I'll be a "Stubborn Swiss Army Knife," could probably do it all but only do what I like...whaaat


Since I'm in Belgium it's only right I eat a waffle, Noveliss dish the mic off better than Rondo, "Let Go My Ego" benevolent rebel settle the score travel the world selling out venues abroad, we got you open, born in "shallow ends" never learned to swim, empty pocket humble beginnings transitioning to flying over the Ocean beholding the braggadocious, toasting to dreams converted to reality, sipping in Paris with my fellow Free Kings, fuck you mean we ain't the "Dream Team," please I'm sick as Magic Johnson in Barcelona coming to terms with the fact that the throne had fallen to Michael Jordan, hold the mic like a Swordsman, hiking through the Swiss Alps, I'll peal your scalp when coming off of the scalp I want the clout, jump in the crowd, get out your seat and jump around, YOU RAPPING OVER YOUR VOCALS DON'T COME AROUND, I guess they'll never be able to shake the feeling they overlooking us, niggaz fear advancement the industry driven phobias, independent real shit progressive underground metamorphosis globe trotting the Solar System the Forces up, and with you, Hop aboard the Millennium Falcon our bandwagon jet lagging to the maximum half of them came here to compare us to 90's crews "Do You Fools Listen To Music Or Do You Just Skim Through It?" (RENEGAAAADE!)

Track Name: Last Words - produced by Vibe Sounds
You know my steez, fuck American greed, Rage Against The Machine, John Henry mixed with Bruce Banner with two hammers on this long road to financial stability, going where ever the hammers take him, feeling damaged as a Dr. Banner lab coat during the transformation, sorry about my anger but since my graduation my education says that I shouldn't be struggling with the basics, Mass Communications spread messages through your playlist, fuckin Matrix got us lost in debates of Deja Vu glitches deciding a brothers fate but, times have changed or have they not, in addition to subtracting each other it seems there's more to the equation than Cops, Confedrate Flags risen beware the system, police brutality the newest form of American Terrorism, the center of all media competition, your cameras aren't welcome in hind sight, the blind lead the blind and the blind show you the blind side, don't get blind sided by rhymes flying from "Midus Minds", gold plated cranium tackle beats like a "Fighting (I)rish" designed to handle mics better than AI, that Art Official Intelligence, your artificial, I'm an arcitech building the base to protect us from conglomerates, soul selling apocalypse, this past years had, "Twitter Revolutionaries" too scared to smell the tear gas, Mothers getting pissed at their sons for looting and giving fear back...

These the last words of a righteous mind, how could I forget this, I bodied you, holster where my pins fit, my word is my weapon they'll write my name in the sky, being broke but braggadocious of a powerful mind (x2)

Police still killing our sons the War's intimate, non-violent protesters get shot up by White Spremacist, Terrorist attacking on Paris it seems no end to it, we was just there in that city the fear's legitimate, the media place value on lives no word on Syria, Cops still killing our people delete the videos, burning black churches he's mental he needs a hospital...
Is Heaven still the ceiling? It's been a bad year for humanity; war, oil, money power and killing, how can we guard our children, fuck the government plans, stage mass shootings so they can get the guns out our hands, it's all basic, if you open your eyes you'll see the Matrix, turn down both of the pills and fight the anguish, I'll search for the answers myself, Divine Dangerous, coward ass rappers declining to make a statement, it don't matter who we vote for the World is at War, the sides ain't clear media designed to blind us with fear, more prayers for the innocent, depending on race, you try to play God he don't fix your mistakes...

Track Name: One Time - produced by Nolan the Ninja
The Mad Scientist, Divine with the iron pen you can't hang in the waters with the Author came to tackle the Leviathan, while I play it a sad song on this violin tell em' "try again," these Microphone Vitamins the current state that I am in, spawning a bunch of goners, came out of a time capsule like Vegeta's my Father, Rep the Capsule Corp, walk the "Streets of Rage" like Axel or, Bill from Contra blast your corpse Johnny Storm will never pass the torch, Noveliss got the hottest shit, Firelord Ozai hotter than Sozin's Comet is, the chosen rhymer to save the genre from the apocalypse, the quietest, coming for the crown from behind these kids the blinded, stealth prowess, Metal Gear Solid, Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell, split your cells, I get into it well when I'm swinging the "Dragonslayer" in your cypher, going "Berzerk" 600 pound mics will take your life (uh)

One Time, rhyming out of my mind, hold the mic device for the heist, hands high, barricade the exits nobody leaving alive, nobody leaving alive, we came here to get live (now)

Emergency when I get on the mic, surgery, about to change my gloves out, while I was listening to Wu-Tang and holding a Mic Sword like Jubei, rhymes fly over your head but still slice through your mind, while I try to escape my past as the Battousai, you run into me though, leave rappers with more bandages than Shishio believe me though, the journey never ends, searching for the Samurai who smells as sunflowers never put in the hours to hold the blade proper, the sword chose me, the holder of that style unorthodox as Mugen wild, funky, free spirit juggernaut, steal from the rich and give to the poor, Robin Hood with a sword, all these fake kids, you flaucing with the same chains your label made you a slave with...

Track Name: Above the Rim - produced by Ilajide
Don't hold the mic if you ain't able to spit, CSF that's the crew that I'm with, I'm on fire like Tom Shepard with Birdy on the sidelines crying with Kyle Watson giving me an assist, Above The Rim (x2)

It's all Mind (mine) not in the sense of possession but, in the sense of using my mind as a weapon, rappers getting smashed no matter what lane you in, only time I take a selfie's for the Daily Bugle and J Jonah Jameson, Peter Parker the underground stomper that's where they know me from, Spider-Man the writer your new to Arachnophobia, you done landed smack dab in the jungle that you was blind from, the beat stomper, welcome your whole team to Wakanda, "What's a Mob to a King," they call me T'Challa, "What's a King to a God," the one worthy to swing the hammer, and I bring Mjolnir to a cypher show you the lightning I'm M. Bison with the Mic in my hands don't even try it, "Land Of The Free" where they poison the water that sickness will live on in those people's son's and their daughter's, Black Kids don't get to be kids, leave them toy guns in the crib unless you looking to see Heaven and get treated like you 17 when you only 11, by that Cop stepping with his hand on his weapon, he was threatened by the melanin, FUCK THAT,
Used to try to tell them when we were rocking shows in front of empty crowds now we selling out shows in other countries so they believers now, you ain't touching the hymn when I'm holding the pen, the Himalaya's again I'm moving mountains within and you don't know where I've been, you don't know what I been through, you don't know about holding that mic like a Ginsu, while I split through, you and your whole crew like, Goku through the Ginyu, welcome to the end of you, pop a Senzu, I ain't making a killing but I'm killing ain't that the whole point of you being a killer you do it for the feeling nigga...


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